Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Our return policy

You can easily return or exchange anything you buy from, within 7 days of purchase. All returned items must be in perfect condition, unused, with swinging tags attached, and in their original packaging. We cannot allow returns on worn, damaged, or otherwise unsealable products. Money Back Guarantee

Manufacturer’s warranties

Most of the items for sale on have manufacturer warranties which are detailed on the product page. If your item has a manufacturer defect, we will contact our suppliers and communicate with you the best course of action to repair or replace the bag.

How to return an order

Contact us if you wish to return your purchase and we will recommend the best method and help you with the refund. Email us at with your name, date of purchase, and the items you wish to return and we will facilitate your refund as soon as possible.

How to exchange an order

All exchanges are processed as a new sale and a return. Place and pay for a new order online and send us the original order (as above) for a refund. We will refund your original order as soon as we receive it