T-Shirt Mockup PSD File Free Download


T-Shirt Mockup PSD File Free Download

Our most downloaded resource just got a following! I am pleased to present the second photorealistic t-shirt mockup that you can freely use to showcase your clothing design. This PSD mockup features the front and back views of a t-shirt on a wooden hanger and also includes a wall texture. You can change the color of the t-shirt and apply your design with ease through smart objects.

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T-Shirt Mockup PSD File Free Download

Are you on a tight budget, but still have that entrepreneurial fire within you? Starting an online t-shirt business could be the idea you’ve been waiting for. Especially since you can use realistic t-shirt mockup templates to go fast.

Whether you’re designing your own t-shirt or looking to add better products to your online store, you’ve come to the right place.

What is a mockup t-shirt?

A t-shirt mockup is essentially a blank t-shirt that you can add to your product design.

T-shirt designs generally come in two colors: black t-shirt designs and white t-shirt designs. They can include a model wearing the product to help customers imagine what the shirt looks like, or they can simply present the shirt against a plain background.

People who create their own designs have a basic understanding of clothing design and experience using photo editing software. But you can design your own t-shirts even if you don’t have those skills using t-shirt mockup templates available online.

What is a t-shirt PSD template?

T-shirt mockup PSD is a blank t-shirt mockup that you can edit in Adobe Photoshop. “PSD” is essentially the name of a Photoshop image file. You can think of .psd the same way you think of a .jpg or .png extension for images. Please note that you will need Photoshop on your computer if you want to open and edit a PSD file.

T-Shirt Mockup PSD File Free Download


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